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Also known as fluff & fold, it's laundry, like t-shirts, jeans, towels, sheets, etc. that are simply washed, dried and folded. It's the laundry you can do at home, but if you're too busy or have better things to do with your time, we'll do it for you! The whites and colors are separated before washing. We use special unscented soap, so if you have sensitive skin it shouldn't bother you. We know how to wash and dry your laundry so whites and colors are just the way they should be — clean and fresh. Each item is then nicely folded and packaged in blue paper.

Items such as men's dress shirts, fine bed and table linen, etc. are pre-treated and washed with additives, soap and water before being pressed. These items are pressed wet with laundry pressing equipment using high pressure and high heat to produce the fine, crisp finish. The finished laundry garments are done with your choice of medium to heavy starch, or no starch at all. Shirts are hung on hangers or put in a box, whichever you prefer. Linens are professionally folded and wrapped, or can be hung, if you like.

We have an expert tailor on the premises Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. He does alterations and mends just about anything, from hemming your pants or replacing a pocket, to lining your jacket.

The cleaning and finishing itself is not done the same way as fabric cleaning. Since these garments are animal skins, they react to cleaning methods differently and require different solvents and equipment in the cleaning process and distinctive handling techniques in the finishing process.


Professional dry cleaning involves many different operations, all performed by skilled individuals, designed to give your garments a fresh, clean appearance. All Kleen Kare Cleaners & Laundry staff are highly trained and have the expertise to properly identify, clean, and finish all garments, as well as exercise a number of special procedures when handling your items.

Sometimes, wet cleaning might be the best method for your garment, based on the care instructions and our professional expertise. As with the dry cleaning process, wet cleaning starts with the pre-treatment of spots and stains using a variety of specialized cleaning agents. Wet cleaning is the professional process of removing soils from your garments and other textile items through the use of water and additives while using proper precautions to prevent shrinkage, loss of color, and fabric distortion.